Minimalism is a Bad Word

Minimalism is one of those words that brings to mind images of crisp sterile homes that do not looked lived in. At least it does to me.desk-1081708_640

In reality, at least in my reality, it looks very different.

I have embraced a kind of lived in minimalism. Less extreme and more what I feel is useful. How do I do it? I have 3 loose rules to follow.

First, I regularly purge all the areas of my home. Clothes, kids clothes, cosmetics, papers and recyclables (man those add up fast!). The more I do this the less attached I become to items. This makes it easier to tackle the memorabilia type stuff with practice. I don’t keep cards or gift bags or little tchotchke things except in one box I designate for those bits. If it doesn’t fit it goes!

This is a process of course. My goal is to work toward seasonal capsule wardrobes for myself… eventually. 

Second, I buy less. At one point I had a shopping addiction. That’s not tongue in cheek and I’ll write about that more another day. Over time I’ve worked on my mental health and financial health and changed how I spend.

Don’t get me wrong I’m as eager to go on a shopping spree as anyone else but if it’s not in the budget it doesn’t happen. I’m no expert budgeter but I look to what’s needed vs wanted and make choices based on that. Being a single parent and the sole income earner in my home gives that sharp focus. Even if you share expenses with a partner try using the need vs want question when you’re making purchases. Less coming in means less to declutter later.

Third, I organize everything. From KonMari folding techniques for all our clothes to my linen closet having labeled bins for different size sheets, towels and wash cloths everything has a place. It lets me see what I have much easier and helps with the want vs need question above.

Bonus of organized spaces, they are peaceful to look at. My linen closet makes me happy! Seriously.

These loose rules are simple for me and for you to follow. It brings minimalism from bare bones to comfortable simplicity. Try it, embrace the process. Little by little it becomes easy and you’ll wonder what took you so long.

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