Soft Office – what is it and do I need one?

Watching a video by the energetic Louise Pentland is when I heard her term “soft office”. It’s how she refers to working on her laptop while sitting on her bed. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

Why is this brilliant you ask? It’s a fantastic way to describe that working from home is still work. Yes, you may be in your own space, on your bed or sofa or favourite chair but you are still working. It’s simply an alternative to a traditional work space that you get to enjoy working from home.

Creating your own soft office is fun. It’s as simple as finding a cozy spot and turning on your laptop. Or you can get fancy! Your soft office can only be enhanced by more creature comforts like:

This tray table


Pretty pillows


Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

Cozy blankets (with coffee of course!)


Photo by Tamar Waskey on Unsplash

A good little task lamp


Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Inspiring artwork


Photo by Beata Ratuszniak on Unsplash

Or anything else that makes your space feel like you and helps you concentrate.

So who is a soft office for? It’s for anyone who does or wants to work from home.

    • Work from home parents – kiddos can cuddle or sleep close by, also sick days or in-service days off
    • Students – for when the library is too quiet and cafés too noisy and pricey
    • Consultants – so you can enjoy your off-site work time
    • Startup entrepreneurs – the kitchen table is not always available
    • Downsizing or short on space – when you don’t have a traditional office you can close a bedroom door
    • Side gig enthusiast – set up your space to reflect your passion project
    • Teachers – test and paper grading is painful enough, you may as well be cozy
  • Anyone and Everyone!

You may have guessed already that I have my own soft offices. I do write for a living after all. I use my sofa during the day when baby is sleeping in a wrap. (Babywearing for the win!) I also work from my bed on the weekend when my big kid is home and taking over the living room. I’m a downsized / short on space / tiny living goals mamma. And I also have a lovely secretary style desk (handmade by my dad) that gets a lot of use. And hides a lot of mess inside that flip down compartment.

my desk

The variety lets me use the space that feels right on any given day. I can change based on my family needs; even work in my room when grandparents are visiting. This is real work from home freedom! There are no rules on how it should look. An office can be traditional or cozy or somewhere in between. You’re imagination can fill it with beanbag chairs, glass tables, antlers on the wall, vision boards, a mini fridge, fresh flowers, wind chimes, black out blinds, an indoor herb garden or absolutely anything else that motivates you.

You be the judge if you need a soft office in your life. If you ask me the answer is an absolute YES!

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